Hot Cocoa in VR version 1.1

Update Version 1.1

HDRI Backdrop for better outdoor lighting and realism

More items added in the cabin to look at.

Working push buttons on the radio

Additional songs by Kim Aspen

More of Pamela's soothing voice, reading the "The Night Before Christmas..." 

Rotate around to each position quickly by pressing the right 'B' (Valve Index) or 'B' (Oculus Quest 2) as well as new position in front of the radio to change songs without ever having to get up.

Not sure if the SteamVR manifest worked in the previous build, but it is now included in the config folder.  Sadly, setting it up for OpenXR or Oculus seems to create problems in ensuring the SteamVR controllers work properly.

Files version 1.1 1.3 GB
Version 2 Dec 18, 2020

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